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Imagine…transcription services from someone with over 10 years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy.

Sermon transcription.  Is there any other kind of transcription services with such eternal significance?  

Dormition Text Services has been providing homily and other clergy transcription services with a superior customer service experience since our opening. 

Maria Powell brings more than ten years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy and parishes.

  • She understands the unique qualities of Orthodox Christian homilies. 
  • She’s familiar with the citations and references that support your sermons.
  • And her mission is to help you meet your mission

Maria at Dormition Text Services has a passion for helping you expand the reach of your ministry with accurate, timely, and value-conscious transcriptions of your homilies and other addresses. 

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 Some Transcription FAQ

Q: What makes your transcriptions special? 
Our transcriptions are unique because they are more than just raw files. You are welcome, of course, to specify that you would like a raw transcription file, but at Dormition Text, we have never been just a transcription service. We have always been a full-service text service. Our focus has been on spreading the Gospel. We don’t just transcribe your presentations, but we go the extra mile. We make minor edits with brackets when necessary. We include researched footnotes and notations, and we prepare your documents for publication.

Q: What kind of audio files can you work with?
A: We have some fantastic software that lets us work with virtually any sort of audio you can send us as well as YouTube videos! If we can convert the file to an .mp3 or a .wav file or upload it to a private YouTube channel, we can transcribe it.

Q: How quickly can you get my file back to me?  
A: Currently, as of August 2016, we have about a 10-day turnaround time for most longer files (long files being more than half an hour). We are typically available for rush orders to better meet your needs.

Q: What are your homily and presentation transcription rates?
 This varies based on the length and number of files.

Rather than charge a flat per-audio-minute rate for sermons, we prefer to bill based upon average length of homilies over time at an average rate of fifty cents per minute. Typically, we find that sermons tend to run an average of ten, fifteen, thirty, or forty minutes (Although each priest has his own rhythm, and your sermons could prove us wrong!).  We would love to discuss our rates and packages with you, as we find that bulk packages seem to be the best value for priests and parishes.

Presentations with one speaker only are billed at fifty cents per audio minute, and multi-speaker presentations and classes are billed at 75¢ cents per audio minute.

Q: How do you bill?
 We can accept e-checks and all major credit and debit cards via paypal. We can accept cash and checks in person, and we can accept checks and money orders by mail (conditions apply).


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Rev. Dr. Benedict Simpson

Rev. Dr. Benedict Simpson

I have known Maria Powell for several years now. The services that she has rendered in transcribing my own homilies have been excellent, accurate, and timely. I strongly recommend her transcription service to any cleric who wishes to have a high-quality and accurate record of his homilies to further his ministry and to build the kingdom.