Spread the Gospel to all nations…

without spreading yourself so thin


Imagine…an organized office without having to hire an office staff.

Small parishes, mission parishes, busy supply priests, chaplains, and large parishes in need of an extra hand with seasonal work may wonder how to get through the mountain of administrative tasks piling up before them. Countless Presbyteras and Matushkas have thrown up their hands in frustration wishing that there was a church secretary or someone who could help! We understand.  

Maria Powell of Dormition Text Services has been assisting Orthodox clergy and parishes with personal and parish administrative tasks for more than ten years, and she wants to help you, too. 

Contact us today to see how we can help with: 

  • Weekly bulletins
  • Mailings
  • Email communications and mailing lists
  • Directory setup and maintenance
  • Social media management
  • Monthly newsletters
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Mission parish administration
  • Fundraising
  • Festival and fair coordination
  • Scheduling
  • Conference calls and virtual meetings
  • And more

If there is a job you need done, but you don’t see it listed, please feel free to contact us. This list is not exhaustive. One priest that Maria worked with once quipped that she could do anything from her home office but clean the church – but she could call around, find the best price on cleaning services, and schedule an appointment! 

Maria at Dormition Text Services has a passion for helping you expand the reach of your ministry with high-quality secretarial support when you need it. 

Get your custom quote today. 



Some Secretarial Support FAQ

Q: Can I combine research and editing with your other services? 
A: Absolutely, yes! In fact, most of our clients prefer to do this. It simplifies things for our clients if we are able to transcribe their presentations, edit them into publishable documents, research and provide footnotes and/or in-text links, and then put the work on their websites and blogs for them, or file the documents in their book folders to prepare for publication. 

Q: What are your rates?
This varies based on the project length and number of files. We charge an hourly or per-project rate for this work, which can be combined with other services.

It is our goal to help you spread the Gospel, and as such, we try to keep our services affordable for the priests and parishes that we work with. We would love to discuss our rates and packages with you, as we find that bulk packages seem to be the best value for priests and parishes.

Q: How do you bill?
 We can accept e-checks and all major credit and debit cards via paypal. We can accept cash and checks in person, and we can accept checks and money orders by mail (conditions apply).


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Fr. Jim Karagas

Fr. Jim Karagas

When I first met Maria, she was a neophyte in the Orthodox Church. She consistently amazed me with her truly Orthodox mindset which constantly made me re-immerse myself in the Orthodox Church. As an Orthodox priest in a parish which did not have a secretarial staff, I consistently relied on Maria to assist me secretarially in every realm of the Church.