Spread the Gospel to all nations…

without spreading yourself so thin


You went to seminary. You serve the Church. You are ready for the next step, and you face an overwhelming mountain of paperwork. What do you do now? 


Maria at Dormition Text Services has been helping men like you get through the ordination application process since 2015. 

She’s got the knowledge, the time, and the skills to make this a much easier process for you than trying to do sort through the checklist and do everything on you own. 

  • She knows how to coach you (and your wife!) through the application process.
  • She knows how to find your documentation.
  • She knows how to help you get all your recommendation letters lined up.
  • She will organize all your information into an easily accessible, printable system for you. Everything will be right at your fingertips. 

Let us walk with you through this process, so that you and your family don’t get bogged down with the details! Contact us to request a quote today. 


Jordan Zanetis

Jordan Zanetis

I work full-time and have a young child. When it was time to prepare my ordination packet, Maria simplified the process for us. She devoted herself to helping us get everything we needed to submit my application without having to take too much time away from my family.