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Imagine… research and editing assistance from someone with over 10 years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy.

You know you heard it somewhere, but you can’t quite place it. Your sermons are stream-of-consciousness, but you want them to read like polished articles.   

Maria Powell, founder and owner of Dormition Text Services, has been assisting with research, editing, and footnoting for several years before deciding to open Dormition Text Services. Research and editing are among our favorite things, and we would love to help you meet your mission goals with these skills. 

Maria Powell brings more than ten years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy and parishes, and she’s familiar with the citations and references that support your sermons.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with the research and editing for your: 

  • Blog Site
  • Articles
  • Printed Materials
  • Books
  • And anything else you can think of! 

We can’t guarantee to transform your sermons and papers from the Tower of Babel to St. John Chrysostom, but we can guarantee to get you several steps closer, and we promise to exceed your expectations. 


Some Research and Editing FAQ

Q: What kinds of materials will you edit? 
We work with Orthodox clergy, parish communities, and seminarians. That is really our basic qualifier. From there, the sky is the limit! Our primary goal is to help you meet your mission in whatever way we can. We’ve done a number of things from editing homilies into publishable articles to proofreading and editing papers for school and even helping with books. If you think of something, please ask! 

Q: Can I combine research and editing with your other services? 
A: Absolutely, yes! In fact, most of our clients prefer to do this. It simplifies things for our clients if we are able to transcribe their presentations, edit them into publishable documents, research and provide footnotes and/or in-text links, and then put the work on their websites and blogs for them, or file the documents in their book folders to prepare for publication. 

Q: What are your research and editing rates?
 This varies based on the project length and number of files. We charge an hourly or per-project rate for this work, which can be combined with other services.

It is our goal to help you spread the Gospel, and as such, we try to keep our services affordable for the priests and parishes that we work with. We would love to discuss our rates and packages with you, as we find that bulk packages seem to be the best value for priests and parishes.

Q: How do you bill?
 We can accept e-checks and all major credit and debit cards via paypal. We can accept cash and checks in person, and we can accept checks and money orders by mail (conditions apply).


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Fr. Joseph Gleason

Fr. Joseph Gleason

Maria makes me feel as if I have my own personal assistant. She is much more than a transcriptionist or typist. She also updates my web pages, edits audio files, and even researches footnotes. And the quality of her work is outstanding! In the past, I had transcriptionists who made so many errors, that I had to spend hours editing their work. But with Maria, I can trust her to transcribe my homilies accurately, upload them to my website, and even format the text in a pleasing and professional way. She really succeeds in making my life easier, so that I can focus on other important church work. If you need an affordable personal assistant, then I recommend Maria Powell at Dormition Text Services. I give her five stars!

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