Spread the Gospel to all nations…

without spreading yourself so thin


Imagine… virtual assistance from someone with over 10 years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy.

Our job is to handle the paperwork, the publishing, and the presentation so that you can focus on the people and the parish life.   

Dormition Text Services has been providing a superior customer service experience since our opening. 

Maria Powell brings more than ten years of experience assisting Orthodox clergy and parishes and over twenty years of office administration experience.

  • She understands the unique qualities of Orthodox Christian homilies. 
  • She’s familiar with the citations and references that support your presentations and publications.
  • She’s familiar with the day-t0-day and week-to-week needs of the parish.
  • She’s familiar with the ordination process and knows how to coach you and your family through it. 
  • And her mission is to help you meet your mission

Maria at Dormition Text Services has a passion for helping you expand the reach of your ministry with accurate, timely, and value-conscious services.

Let us focus on the minutiae, while you focus on the ministry. 


Maria makes me feel as if I have my own personal assistant. She is much more than a transcriptionist or typist. She also updates my web pages, edits audio files, and even researches footnotes. And the quality of her work is outstanding!  In the past, I had transcriptionists who made so many errors, that I had to spend hours editing their work. But with Maria, I can trust her to transcribe my homilies accurately, upload them to my website, and even format the text in a pleasing and professional way. She really succeeds in making my life easier, so that I can focus on other important church work. If you need an affordable personal assistant, then I recommend Maria Powell at Dormition Text Services. I give her five stars!

Fr. Joseph Gleason

Fr. Joseph Gleason

Rev Dr. Benedict Simpson

Rev Dr. Benedict Simpson

I have known Maria Powell for several years now. The services that she has rendered in transcribing my own homilies have been excellent, accurate, and timely. I strongly recommend her transcription service to any cleric who wishes to have a high-quality and accurate record of his homilies to further his ministry and to build the kingdom.